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The guideline of my physiotherapy practices is based on the three pillars: regeneration, prevention and treatment.



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The high number of performances means that the dancers are exposed to strong physical strain. Exhaustion leads to a lack of focus and a greater risk of injury develops. It is required to allow therapeutic measures that accelerate the recovery process as relaxing by manual massage, water therapy and heat application.



Due to individual body structure and to an acquired inappropriate behaviour, the dancers may develop compensatory mechanisms. These mechanisms complicate the execution of dance techniques; they increase unnecessarily the expenditure of energy, promote joint degeneration, and increase the risk of accidents. Preventive measures include raising awareness of malpositions by therapeutic ballet training, supplementary rehabilitations training for individual task mastery of dance roles.


The profession of a dancer is always associated with injury. Intensive professional treatment for such injuries is lengthy with conventional physiotherapy. This may also cause muscle breakdown and loss of condition. When dancers return to performing without appropriate care, relapse is inevitable and can cause serious injuries or chronic conditions.

A therapeutic measure includes targeted rehabilitation training after trauma. Here are all the techniques of physical therapy available.



Younes Laraki completed his ballet training from 1981-1985 at the University of Music and Dance in Hanover. Until 1997 he worked as a professional dancer at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin. This was followed by teaching children and adults as a ballet teacher. Through teaching he developed an understanding of the specific physical issues dancers face, which is why he began 2003 his vocational training as a physiotherapist. He has been supervising the 60-member dance company of the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin since 2006.


service overview.

I offer a range of services, specialising in proactive physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation:


  • Remedial gymnastics
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Bobath concept
  • Back and spine exercise (Brügger)
  • Kinesio taping
  • Massages (classic massage, functional massages, connective tissue massages)
  • Fango therapy
  • Red light
  • Electrical therapy
  • Ultrasonic therapy




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